Deadly Divas

Deadly Diva Experiences has been inspired by the real life Deadly Divas that I’ve met on life’s journey.

Deadly Diva Experiences had grown from Deadly Divas Clothing. I have loved offering my art to Deadly Divas Clothing and during the course of building the brand, I met so many women asking for me to share more about Aboriginal culture and to share my bush knowledge and skills. It is not until we walk alongside each other, share food and sit by the same fire can we truly listen to each other, we find out more about them and at the same time learn so much about self.

Jillaroo to Fashion Runway

From an early age I’ve been encouraged to make the most of every opportunity life threw at me. It’s a philosophy that has enriched my life with amazing experiences from the practical hands on life of a Jillaroo, to launching my own label at Perth Fashion Week, advising on sustainable harvesting practices and developing policy that I hope will bring about real change for Aboriginal people. Voluntary work has afforded me amazing opportunities to learn from inspiring people at a local, national and international level in relation to Women’s issues, Tourism and Traditional and sustainable food practices.

Every life experience leaves an indelible mark. For me it’s a passion for Country and Culture, sustainable living, creativity and meaningful shared experiences. So after much deliberation and talking with my mob I am proud to offer Deadly Diva Experiences.

Spiritually enriching tours and experiences for women.

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