Tahn Donovan

(One Deadly Diva)

I am from Wadandi country,
part of the Noongar Nation.

I could tell you a lot about myself...

But I would rather focus on what we experience together, that little moment in time when you sit by the fire with me and just be. I would rather focus on what we both do after meeting each other, hearing each other and inspiring each other.

Kaya my name is Tahn I am from Wadardi country (Busselton region part of the Noongar Nation) I love being out in the natural environment and after a mixed career and as a Jill of no trades but experience in a few different industries nothing fills my heart as much as offering a space for women to relax, offer challengers that grow our capabilities and insights to self. So after much deliberation and talking with my mob I am proud to offer the following experiences in 2020.

Deadly Diva Experiences had grown from Deadly Divas Clothing. I have loved offering my art to Deadly Divas Clothing during the course of building Divas Clothing I met so many women asking for me to share more about Aboriginal culture and to share my bush knowledge and skills. It is not until we walk alongside each other, share food and sit by the same fire can we truly listen to each other, we find out more about them and at the same time learn so much about self.

Now I could tell you a lot about myself, feed my ego or even celebrate myself,that might even give you a stick to message yourself. Why? I could tell you about on the what type of works I have done, the practical hands on works, the policy work, “I so hope my past works will make things better”, the influence on policy and the programs that I have developed or delivered to make change. I could also tell you about the voluntary works I have done and the amazing experiences that has offered on a local, national and international level in relation to Women’s issues, Tourism and Traditional foods. You might be keen to know about my personal journey and what I have worked through or faced, what has challenged me and what has made my heart sing, to be honest all of that was yesterday. I feel that I have lived a good honest life and worked hard with what has been accessible to me to make the best of it. I would rather focus on what we both do after meeting each other, hearing each other and inspiring each other. Often people say “you only live once” but I feel that you live every day you wake up, a bonus that we don’t often stop to consider. Who are you today and who do you want to be tomorrow and how will you live that day adding value to self by empowering others. You can win awards and be celebrated or you can take a moment to make another person have a better day, you could make a change or influence change that make tomorrow better for everyone.

Tahn Donovan

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