Bush Foods and Bush Survival

(Experience I)

Get lost in nature...
and maybe find a better part of yourself along the way.

Enjoy walking in natures supermarket with Dale Tilbrook. Learn about the local, state and interstate bush foods. Learn how Aboriginal people pay respect to the natural environment and how to harvest sustainably. Explore the different flavours, textures, aromas and nutritional values of bush foods. Aboriginal bush wisdom of the women complemented with Bush Survival by one of Australia’s most valued Bush Survival practitioners, Bob Cooper to learn the basics of bush survival. The News often has a story of people lost in remote locations or not returning from a bush walk. Do you know what to do to ensure you are in a condition to be rescued?, to signal for help or to make sure you have enough water to sustain yourself and those you love? Deadly Diva Experiences is for women only but now and then we do let a bloke have a say and Bob is the first to be invited to share his knowledge with us Deadly Divas.

Your Guides on this Tour

The details

Deadly Diva Experiences will provide all meals and accommodation (You will not have four walls but you will have your own private, dry, secure and comfortable space). All meals, snacks, fruit and refreshments are provided. Hot showers and bush toilets.

Divas will need to bring: long sleave shirt and pants | Clothes that can be layered in case of cold nights
Suggest a water proof coat in case of rain or cold wind | Closed in comfortable walking shoes

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