Aboriginal Art and Spiritual Healing

(Experience 2)

This insightful, gentle walk through nature with
Noongar women will leave you enriched and inspired.

Deadly Diva Experiences is offering time out, treat the Diva in your life to this spiritually rewarding experience or reward yourself to some quality time out in nature. A gentle walk with Noongar women will assist you in viewing natures art gallery you will be brimming with inspiration. Successful Noongar Artist Barb will provide an insight into traditional symbols and techniques of Aboriginal Art while guiding you to create your own memorial works. Heidi will then add to your relaxation with her unique healing experience as a group along with insights into healing techniques that you can use every day to enrich your life.

They may look young in years, but are old in wisdom, these Noongar women will ensure you leave enlightened, relaxed and challenged to be you the best that you can be.

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