Deadly Diva Experiences
and Self Discovery Tours

On country experiences for mature women who have given to their careers,
to their families, and to others. and now find they have time for themselves...
NOW is the right time for self.

Kaya my name is Tahn, I am from Wadardi country (Busselton region part of the Noongar Nation) I love being out in the natural environment, and after a mixed career and as a Jill of no trades but with experience in a few different industries nothing fills my heart as much as offering a space for women to relax, offer challenges that grow our capabilities and insights to self. So after much deliberation, talking, and with the blessings of my mob... I am proud to offer the following experiences in 2020.

The Tours

Bush Foods and Bush Survival

(Experience 1)

Get lost in nature and maybe find a better part of yourself along the way.

Enjoy walking in nature’s supermarket with native food expert Dale Tilbrook. Forage for food and learn about the diversity of Australian bush foods. Learn how Aboriginal people pay respect to the natural environment and how to harvest sustainably. Explore the different flavours, textures, aromas and nutritional values of bush foods.

Aboriginal bush wisdom of the women complemented with Bush Survival by one of Australia’s most valued Bush Survival practitioners, Bob Cooper. Learn the basics of bush survival. Do you know what to do to ensure you are in a condition to be rescued?, to signal for help or to make sure you have enough water to sustain yourself and those you love? Deadly Diva Experiences is for women only but now and then we do let a bloke have a say and Bob is the first to be invited to share his knowledge with us Deadly Divas.

Aboriginal Art and Spiritual Healing

(Experience 2)

This insightful, gentle walk through nature with
Noongar women will leave you enriched and inspired.

Deadly Diva Experiences is offering time out, treat the Diva in your life to this spiritually rewarding experience or reward yourself to some quality time out in nature. A gentle walk with Noongar women will assist you in viewing natures art gallery you will be brimming with inspiration. Successful Noongar Artist Barb will provide an insight into traditional symbols and techniques of Aboriginal Art while guiding you to create your own memorial works. Heidi will then add to your relaxation with her unique healing experience as a group along with insights into healing techniques that you can use every day to enrich your life.

They may look young in years, but are old in wisdom, these Noongar women will ensure you leave enlightened, relaxed and challenged to be you the best that you can be.

Midwest Flowers & Aboriginal Insights

(Experience 3)

Immerse yourself in the world’s most spectacular natural environmental flower show.

Walk out of your accommodation on any morning and be welcomed to the day by a carpet of Midwest Wild Flowers, considered the best on offer in Australia. Join us in Midwest, WA to experience the flowers. Each day will include a visit to regional floral hotspots. Please keep in mind that the flowers are native and not cultivated so they shine when they want to shine. Tour dates ensure at least some of the heroes of this annual showstopper are ready for viewing.

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