Celebrating the essence of Aboriginal Australia

Deadly Diva Experiences work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait artists, designers and businesses to bring the richness of Aboriginal culture and the essence of Australia to the world, through empowering knowledge and cultural stories that are woven into uniquely Australian products and experiences.

Diva Shop Bestsellers

  • Boxed Kangaroo Skin

    Kangaroo Skins


    The soft Kangaroo skins make a wonderful gift for new family members, when you travel overseas to connect you back home or just as a way to honour the value that Kangaroos add to Australia.

  • Bush Survival Kit

    Bush Survival Kit


    Developed by outback survival expert Bob Cooper, the Survival Kit contains all the necessary items for survival in the wilderness.

  • Silk Scarf No Boarder

    Silk Scarf with No Boarder


    Deadly Divas Scarf Designs add a dash of Aboriginal design to your look. Rayon or silk the scarf is a versatile addition to your collection for adding individual style.


A person who exudes personality and expresses their own style, not letting others influence who they are or want to be. A person whose character makes them stand out from the rest.

Deadly Diva Experiences

Spiritually enriching tours and experiences for women.

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